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LEGS 2024

St Neots Tee Times

  • 12.02 | Paul Jones, Graham Shennan, Tom Inskip, David Steel
  • 12.10 | Mike Webb, Andrew Stevenson, Bernard Henry, Alan Horn
  • 12.18 | Pete Schofield (Captain), Martin Lavansch, Colin Oates, Richard Ebbs


LEGS 2024

South Beds

We were blessed with a bright, blustery, very cold but thankfully, dry day on Wednesday at South Beds, which has a year-round reputation for being playable in all weathers, and had some nice and interesting holes. The consencus was to book again going forward, this being a long standing LEGS venue. Sixteen golfers took part in groups of four, however we were quickly down one man, when Alan Horn tripped on his way to the first hole and had to retire. He was fined, of course, and we wish you a speedy recovery Alan.

There was some good golf played on the day with the greens being excellent, if very fast.

In terms of prizes,

  • David Steel was overall winner, on countback, with 37 points and will be cut by 2 for next event. The Trophy was donated by Alan Horn and Ken McCarthy. Well done David.
  • Captain Pete Schofield was runner up on 37 point (cut 1)
  • Trevor Horwood was third with 36 points (cut 1)
  • Nearest the pin on 12th was won by Jeff Wood
  • Nearest the pin in two on 7th was won by Graham Shennan
  • No one hit the dancefloor on the long, into the wind, par 3, 17th, however Bernard Henry kindly bought the auctioned wine prize
  • Jos Daalhuizen proudly won the Last LEGS Trophy with 20 points and will gain 2 strokes next time.

Graham updated the Members on a number of items including:

  • President George collapsed several times last week and spent some time in hospital. He is now at home under Doctors care and Mike Webb was asked to convey our thoughts and good wishes to him for a full and speedy recovery.
  • Steven Long is running a charity golf day at The Bedfordshire on Thursday 27th June in aid of Tibbs Dementia Foundation and invited members to enter a team if they wished. Bernard already has a team entered and David Steel agreed to put forward a team also.
  • We have secured Wellingborough for 2025, at an excellent rate, on 16th April which hopefully will get us past the worst of the winter on this excellent, if rather rain-susceptible course.
  • Graham reminded all about the next fixture at St Neots on Thursday 23rd May and would advise when the sign up sheet was on the website.
  • The contributions commited on behalf of the Beds and County legacy wall stand at £110 and it was confirmed that we would collect the monies only for this, but not fund it.

Colin Oates was Fines Master for the day and in brilliant fashion, duly castigated and reprimanded all of us for numerous misdemeanours. Tom Inskip was very honest at the end in admitting that he had not been fined, so volunteered a kind contribution. I'm sure that generosity will be remembered next time Tom!

Finally, Jeff Wood confirmed that we had raised the excellent sum of £165 on the day which contributes further to Captain Pete's charity fund.

Thank you all for your generosity.



LEGS 2024


The first LEGS golf event of the year was an excellent affair. With the soggy and muddy conditions at all golf courses, Wellingborough declared push trolleys only and no buggies for golf. This kept our numbers down to 11 golfers including guest Trevor Horwood and 12 for dinner, we welcomed Mike Stockford for dinner, lovely to see you, Mike. Trevor enjoyed his day with us and has now joined as a member. Welcome aboard Trevor!

We all arrived with the threat of more rain. We were blessed however with dry, mild and very light winds, a lovely way to kick off our golfing year at one of our favourite venues.

The day started with the usual tea/coffee and bacon rolls and then we ventured out onto the course.

We spiced up the golf by playing a 5 club challenge, which allowed our carry bags to be a bit lighter for 18 holes. This year we have also introduced 3 nearest the pin holes to increase the chances for everyone of winning a bottle of wine.

The course was soggy in places but the greens were very good indeed, being true and reasonably firm and dry. After a lovely dinner Captain Pete let everyone know that President George is well, sends his best wishes and spread the amazing news that his granddaughter Tala has been invited to play in next months Pro-Am at Sunningdale, what an achievement!

We recognised the fabulous bowls event organised by Sue Webb back in February as well as the 2 quizzes in December and January. Bottles of wine were handed out to the quiz setters in appreciation of their hard work.

The golf was reasonably tough but the scoring was robust.

  • The winner was Stephen Long with a very good 33 points, well done.
  • 2nd was Tom Inskip closely behind on 32 points, well played and;
  • 3rd was Captain Pete on 30 points, a solid start to his Captain's year perhaps.
  • Nearest the pin was Andrew Stevenson, very good indeed. Nice pic Pete!
  • Nobody was nearest the pin in 2 on the 8th so the wine was auctioned, thank you David Steel and;
  • Nearest the pin in 2 on the tricky 18th was Mike Webb, well done.
  • Richard was a deserved winner of the Last LEGS Trophy...

Our Fines Master, for the first time was Tom Inskip who was very entertaining and a good amount was raised as a result of the fun, thank you Tom. Treasurer Jeff updated us on the finances from the quizzes, the bowls and today's event.

In summary, Wellingborough raised the grand sum of £220, including generous donations from non-attendees, £200 was raised at the AGM, £150 from Henry's quiz, £22 profit from the bowls evening and £210 form the winter quizzes. In total £802 raised in the year to date. Thank you all for your generosity this is an unbelievable start for LEGS 2024 and Capt Pete's charity.

In AOB we discussed helping to purchase a plaque for the wall at Bedford & County GC. David Steel will craft a note to all about this. We also agreed where a club declares winter rules for our game we will follow what these local rules are.

We have secured the 2025 Wellingborough booking to be in their early summer season (April) at a much reduced summer rate. We will save £15 per person on their prices making it an affordable top notch course for us. Playing in April should hopefully increase the chances of better course conditions and so more people might be able to play perhaps with trolleys and buggies. Our next event sees us return to South Beds on April 17th, please sign up on the website it should be a good one.


2024 Dates

  • 20/03/2024 | Wellingborough
  • 17/04/2024 | South Beds
  • 23/05/2024 | St Neots
  • 13/06/2024 | Mid Herts
  • 18/07/2024 | Bedfordshire (Captains Day)
  • 22/08/2024 | Knebworth
  • 18/09/2024 | Kettering
  • 24/10/2024 | Bedford & County
  • 13/11/2024 | Pavenham Park (AGM)

Bowls Night

The bowls night on 23rd February at Kempston was an enjoyable evening and a lovely chance to meet up with all our partners. 25 intrepid souls came along for the fun. Captain Pete opened the evening welcoming all including the many guests courtesy of Mike and Sue Webb. Everyone tucked into the finger buffet and drinks before venturing into the rinks. We played across 4 rinks for about 2 hours. Many a stray bowl was witnessed, which was all part of the fun. Our heartfelt thanks go to Sue Webb for all the excellent organisation and also to the volunteers who steered us through it.


2023 Season Summary

  • Golfer of the Year: David Steel
  • Most Consistent Player: David Steel
  • Most Accurate Player: Colin Oates
  • Most Improved Player: David Steel



Previous Seasons


Captain | Mike Webb
Secretary | Pete Schofield
Charity | Multiple local charities
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Captain | David Steel
Secretary | Mike Webb
Charity | St John's Hospice, Marie Curie Cancer Care
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Captain | Bob Broomhall
Secretary | David Steel
Charity | Children with Cancer UK
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Captain | Tom Inskip
Secretary | Bob Broomhall
Charity | The Stroke Association
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Captain | Alan Horn
Secretary | Tom Inskip
Charity | MIND
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Captain | Colin Oates
Secretary | Alan Horn
Charity | Macmillan Cancer Support
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Captain | Andrew Stevenson
Secretary | Colin Oates
Charity | British Heart Foundation & MS Society
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Captain | Ian McLuskie
Secretary | Andrew Stevenson
Charity | Help for Heroes
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Captain | Andy Pohler
Secretary | Ian McLuskie
Charity | British Heart Foundation
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Legs History

The History of LEGS is not in itself particularly startling, but what has surprised those who set it up and the inaugural members is the success it has enjoyed over the years. The initial meetings were held in a variety of licensed premises in and around Luton between April and September 1986.   Nobody can remember why it was important to always drink whilst discussing such an important issue. The people involved were, in alphabetical order - George Clarke, Harry Critchley, Alan Hughes, Colin Roberts and Mike Webb. At first it was thought LEGS should stand for “Luton’s Eccentric Golf Society”. It was then decided that some clubs may not take us seriously and accept bookings.  So we became executives, which probably contravened the Trades Description Acts of that time for most of us.

George was then the area manager of the Woolwich Building Society, so he had plenty of time on his hands to get LEGS started.

Harry was the manager of Bank of Scotland Luton branch, so he had as much if not more time to kill than George.

Colin was the manager of Legal and General and was always looking for things to do to fill his day.

Alan was a hard working self employed Insurance Broker, who enjoyed doing as much of his business on the golf course as he could.

Mike was a self employed commercial surveyor looking for any excuse to do anything but act for his clients.

A list of potential members was compiled - mostly from the immediate Luton area.  Colin Roberts, offered to host the inaugural meeting at his offices on the 22nd October 1986.  Legal and General provided a superb buffet and the scene was set. At the meeting, George became secretary, Harry - treasurer, Alan - vice captain, Colin - co-ordinator and Mike - captain. A full year’s program was agreed and booked for 1987 with the first meeting held at Dunstable Downs on March 24th.

History written by founding member Mike Webb



The aim of LEGS was to provide an opportunity for people to meet, play golf at various venues throughout the year and raise money for charity. It was decided that each captain would chose the charity for that year.  This continues today. We are delighted to say that funds for various local and national causes have reached some £65,000. It is important for members and their guests to understand that we are foremost a golf society based on fellowship which raises money for charity.  We are not a fund raising group who play golf.



All four founders agreed to each provide a trophy.  George - the booby prize, Harry – the winner, Colin – the runner up, Alan – Nearest the pin, Mike – longest drive.  Unfortunately all seem to have gone missing. 


New Trophies

Captain Jeff Wood decided new trophies should be introduced during his tenure in 2014.  Members were invited in pairs to sponsor a trophy for each of the month’s that we play.  This was fully supported and now complete.




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